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“Our future starts with yours”

We are a boutique full-service career consulting & coaching firm based in Wall Street. We focus on communicating with students who have international background and are eager to seek career opportunities, and also delivering qualified students to top American companies for full-time positions or internships in various industries.


We strive to build professional industrial consulting by connecting expertise and engaging with current students in career preparations through mentorships and networking skills. As a result, our clients can identify career options and goals, build more credible CV, and more importantly, receive tremendous professional recommendations from industry experts. We always believe in our motto “our future starts with yours”.




CAPSTONE CAREER 是一家位于纽约华尔街的精品全方位服务国际学生职业咨询公司。


我们致力于为未来职业做好准备并渴望在美国顶级公司寻求全职工作或实习的国际学生斩获心仪的 OFFER




我们的精英北美导师团队多维度帮学生找寻最适合自己的理想工作, 通过科学的测评和个性化的分析帮助学员认清自己的优缺势,鼓励学员认真思考自己偏好的工作岗位,结合我们的辅导经验来给予学生最有效直接的职场帮助。



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