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Location: United States

Job Description

  • Enthusiastically help coordinate on-campus workshops and events, including developing customized marketing materials and managing the distribution


  • Help introduce free consultation and help more international students learn about their future career path


  • Serve as a brand ambassador, maintain partnerships with CSSAs, student clubs, campus career services, and local business organizations


  • Gather and organize students’ feedback, questions, and suggestions, develop potential interests and needs in an effective and efficient manner, and maintain active communication with the management team


  • Client-friendly, energetic, patient, reliable, strong team player


  • Passionate about career development for international students


  • Strong communication skills, ability to interface with students, mentors, and other  team members​​


  • Leadership roles in university CSSAs, Investment/Consulting clubs, career services, conferences, and events highly preferred


Application Process

Step 1: Submit Your Application

Step 2: Attend an Interview

Step 3: Start at CapstoneCareer


Be Ready to Make an Impact!

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